The Leader in You

To become a true leader, mastering skills like communication, teamwork and self-management  are essential. The Leader in You offers quality and systematic training module, allowing participant to absorb various life skills and boost confident within an encouraging atmosphere. Character shaping is deliberately factored into monthly theme of the course. Active group discussion and story sharing will  provide our children with experiences that reinforce positive values and commitments, forming future leaders with noble personality.


Awaken Your Potential

Everyone has the qualities to be a leader

Featuring Leadership Training, Heuristic Model of Training and Dynamic Approach.

About Coach Leong 

Founder & chief trainer. Graduated with Honor Degree in Psychology, who is also a HRDF certified trainer & Licensed NLP Practitioner. For past five years, coach Leong has conducted over 300 workshops which comprises of UPSR / study skills classes, life enrichment camps & leadership courses. He believes that children are limitless, dedicated himself to developing suitable programs that can bring out the best in young generation.

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