Junior Leaders Power Up Holiday Camp

EMI’s 🌟 Holiday Camp 🌟 is coming at this June!

Let children indulge in our innovative and practical activities, equipping them with holistic skills to conquer any challenges in real life. Great games available include:

1. Sky Tower 🗼 – Through teamwork along with unlimited power of creation, build the strongest, tallest tower of them all. Who will overcome every impossibles and rise to the top?

2. My Egg Baby 🐥 – Entitled for their fragile ‘baby’ for 3 days, learn to be responsible, taking care of things that matter. At the same time, remembering unconditional love from parents all these years and be gratitude.

3. Sandwich Entrepreneur 🍔 – Run a sandwich business while find a balance between incomes and expenses, compete to become the ultimate sandwich tycoon. During the process, every young businessmen/women will finally understand value of money, using every cents wisely starting today.

Become your own leader in life, fun-filled holiday awaits ~~~ 🎉

Register before 10/5/2016 to enjoy Early Bird’s offer, view the flyer below or visit talk to us  for more information 😁

See your little ones there!


EMI的 🌟 假期生活营 🌟 将在来临的六月隆重登场!


1. 天空之塔 🗼 – 透过团队的合作以及创造力,建筑出最高、最稳固的木塔,谁将会冲破极限,勇夺强者之称呢?

2. 我的蛋宝宝 🐥 – 在三天里亲手照顾脆弱的‘宝贝’,学习对重要的事情负责,同时感念父母一直以来无私的爱与关怀。

3. 三文治达人 🍔 – 开创自己的生意,平衡支出与收入,成为真正的三文治大亨。从中明白金钱的价值,从此懂得善用和节省的意义。

成为自己的领导者,精彩假期等着您 ~~~ 🎉

在10/5/2016登记即可享有早鸟优惠,更多详情,请浏览以下传单或 直接联络我们获取更多详情 😁


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